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Our product suite gives your team full control over your academic support services. We customize for your needs, provide you with an easy-to-use administrative dashboard, and give a ton of customer support!

Tutor Vetting & Onboarding
Student and tutor self-registration with simplified administrative workflow and control
Scheduling & Attendance
Self-serving and comprehensive availability overview for multiple tutoring programs 
Instant Messaging
Secure and convenient in-app messaging
In-Person & Online Sessions
Book in-person or use our online classroom
Sessions Feedback
Automated performance evaluations, set desired frequency
Payment Processing
Track payments, set limitations, generate receipts
Data & Analytics
Custom dashboards for data at the click of a button
Compliance Monitoring
Monitor interaction between students and tutors for academic integrity

"Top marks to TutorOcean for being so responsive to our growing and changing needs. From the program's inception they have met and exceeded our functionalities requirements and their flexibility at creating a unique McMaster platform is outstanding."

Jenna Storey

Academic Skills Program Coordinator

McMaster University

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