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Connecting Students to YOUR Academic Support Services

Unlock the true value of your untapped resources and reach your full potential related to student success and safety, faculty support, academic program innovation and much more.

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TutorOcean for Higher Ed - Connecting students to your academic support services

We build what you need

Whether you need a gradual modernization or a full-scale, campus-wide initiative, we work closely with higher education institutions to support your strategic initiatives.

  • Increase your student retention and graduation rates
  • Connect students to all your support services
  • Improve time to degree performance
  • Ensure students feel safe on campus
  • Improve the access to all your services
TutorOcean for Higher Ed helps to increase your student retention and graduation rates

Powering Academic Support Services

Although the role of academic support services continues to grow, your budget and staff resources don’t always follow.

Discover a cost-effective, flexible solution that can be leveraged for a wide range of academic support services.

  • Tutoring (peer, professor, outsourced)
  • Coaching, mentors & advising
  • Peer connections
  • Writing support
  • Assignment review
  • Supplemental instruction
  • Virtual office hours
  • Wellness support
  • Athletic student learning
  • and more!
TutorOcean for Higher Ed offers a cost-effective and flexible solution

Introducing TutorOcean for Academic Affairs

Don’t let our name fool you! We are much more than just a tutoring platform. At TutorOcean for Academic Affairs, our mission is to help universities and colleges strengthen their academic support services in order to enhance the student experience and boost retention. 

Key Platform Features:

TutorOcean for Higher Ed - appointment scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

Our streamlined, online scheduling tool eliminates the back-and-forth emails and other administrative hassles, so you can focus on delivering support and students don’t shy away from seeking help.

  • Virtual - High definition video and audio conferencing.
  • In-person (when necessary) - Students can select a designated, safe location on campus to meet with their professor.
  • Calendar management - Customize staff availability and avoid double-booking.
TutorOcean for Higher Ed - 1 on 1 video chat

1 on 1 Video Chat

A private video chat allows students to access available support programs and resources, such as academic advising and peer-led tutoring, anytime and anywhere. 

  • Students can communicate comfortably 1 on 1, with peer-tutors or academic advisors in a virtual space and receive dedicated attention. 
  • A collaborative whiteboard allows both parties to work together on materials in real-time.
  • Either party can share files before, during and after the live session.
TutorOcean for Higher Ed - video and audio conferencing

Video and Audio Conferencing

A secure, cloud-based video communications platform supporting up to 100 participants in a virtual classroom. Ideal for online instruction and group collaborations.

  • Same functionality as the 1 on 1 video chat but operate differently depending on the user role.
  • Multi-way audio-video layout with instinctive speaker recognition brings alive the real classroom experience.
  • Several features designed to allow only the host to control activities and prevent disruption, in order to deliver a productive session.
TutorOcean for Higher Ed - online reporting

Online Reporting

An online reporting system is available to help students, faculty, staff, families, and friends submit reports about student/teacher conduct, grievances, discrimination, distress and more.

  • Enable anonymous submissions
  • Support students in crisis or distress
  • All personal data are kept strictly confidential
TutorOcean for Higher Ed - analytics and insights

Analytics and Insights

Gain valuable insights into student learning and be able to justify program augmentations to the university/college community.

  • Built-in, in-depth self-service reporting for staff and faculty 
  • Easily monitor your service utilization
  • Measure impact by comparing GPA’s term by term, and evaluate at-risk students and drop-out rates
TutorOcean for Higher Ed - security and compliance

Security and Compliance

We leverage the latest technologies and standards to ensure your student data remains private and secure.

  • End to end encryption
  • Dedicated servers in the US and in Canada
  • FERPA compliance

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Our mission is to empower people to share their knowledge with those who are keen to learn - wherever they are in the world. We strongly believe it takes a community to build a community and higher education institutions are the greatest environment to foster those beliefs.

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